From the cheapest to the best value-for-money quads and ATVs parents and grandparents can buy, below are the year’s extensively tested top kid’s quads and ATVs for the UK.

Some of the results on Google are great if you’re American, but there are very few UK-based reviews for quads.

Sit back and relax. You’re in the right place for kid’s Quad and ATV reviews for the UK market.

We carry out independent research, review, test, and then make our recommendations on what we believe are the best toy products—learn more about our process. If you buy something via one of our links we may earn a commission.

For more information, see the buying guide below the picks. If you prefer the best-rated kid’s ride-on cars or motorbikes, check out our article on the best kid’s ride-on cars, best ride on cars 24V or best kid’s ride-on motorbikes.


How Did We Choose?

Before we get started, I just thought I would outline the process that we went through to choose the best ride on quads and ATVs.

We based our decision on a few key factors:

  • Is it actually a Quad/ATV?
  • The build quality of the Quad/ATV.
  • The features included.
  • Whether it was good value for money.
  • How safe it was.
  • Its overall design.

Note: To be totally transparent, I have done some consulting for RiiRoo, but I have still listed what I feel are the best kid’s Quad/ATVs on the market. They are also the most competitive in price.

This means I could have chosen a quad for another retailer, but they on average more expensive. With the present energy crisis, I have adapted these reviews to take into consideration the price.

Our Team’s Ride on Kid’s Quad/ATV Picks

Best Cheapest Quad/ATV – HOMCOM 6V Kids Electric Ride on Car ATV

Best Value for Money Quad/ATV – 6V ATV 2021 Model

Best Off-roading Quad/ATV – RiiRoo 24V Ride-on Quad ATV

Fastest Ride on Quad/ATV – Onequad PX3S – 4 Stroke Petrol

Best 50cc Quad/ATV – OneATV PX1S 50cc – 2 Stroke

Best 2-seater Quad/ATV – VenomSV ATV Quad

Best Cheapest Ride-on Kid’s Quad/ATV

1. HOMCOM 6V Kids Electric Ride on Car ATV

Image source: Amazon

Category: Best cheapest Quad/ATV.

Voltage: 6V .

Seats: One seat.

Ages: For 1, 2, and 3-year-olds.

What we like: Well built,

What we don’t: Very small. We likely only last them a few months before they outgrow it. No reverse gear.

Delivery: Free UK delivery available.

Even though this isn’t the largest ATV on the market, it is certainly one of the cheapest and what I consider to be the best for a toddler. And, I don’t mean made cheaply, because the quality and build of this Homcom 6V ATV is actually pretty good.

But for a ride on electric toy that has 6V battery that will last them approximately 45 minutes on a full charge, I’ve got to say, I’m impressed.

The design is also quite rugged and looks like a proper little ATV, which I’m sure your kids will love. Although it is worth noting that this particular model doesn’t come with any parental remote control features.

In fact, you won’t find many Quad/ATVs in this price point that do have parental remote control features. However, it is something to consider if safety is your number one priority.

Now, this is not designed to go off-road (on the grass in your back garden), but, they sure will get a lot of fun zipping around indoors on hard floors.

In terms of downsides, the biggest one is that it is quite small. So, depending on how tall your child is, they may only use it for a few months before they outgrow it. It’s also worth noting that it doesn’t have reverse gear.

Overall, this is a great little starter ATV that is super cheap, but don’t expect it to last forever.

See Homcom 6V ATV

Best Value For Money Kid’s Quad/ATV

2. 6V ATV 2021 Model

Image source: RiiRoo

Category: Best value for money Quad/ATV.

Voltage: 6V.

Seats: One seat.

Ages: For 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5-year-old.

What we like: Great set of features for the price. Includes a multi-media console.

What we don’t: I’m not the biggest fan of 6V toys, but understand that these quads are much cheaper than their 12V and 24V counterparts.

Delivery: Free UK delivery is available.

Even though the 6V ATV 2021 Model from RiiRoo is still only a 6V model. It’s a bit larger than the Homcom model and has some great additional features that make it worth the slightly higher price tag.

The first thing you’ll notice is that it has a small media player which plays preset music. However, it also has a USB port so that you can plug in your own music from a phone or MP3 player.

It also has start-up engine sounds and working front lights, which look great lit up in the dark and will be sure to impress your kids (and their friends).

The age range is also a little higher since it goes up to 5 years of age. So, you can expect to get a bit more use out of it before they outgrow it, unlike the Homcom.

If you can stretch the extra £30, then I would definitely recommend going for this model over the Homcom. Not only does it have more features, but it also has a higher age range.

See 6V ATV 2021 Model

Best Off-Road Kid’s Ride-on Quad/ATV

3. RiiRoo 24V Ride-on Quad ATV

Image source: RiiRoo

Category: Best off-road Quad/ATV.

Voltage: 24V.

Seats: One seat.

Ages: For 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9-year-olds.

What we like: Great for off-roading and a powerful 24V battery provides more power to the electric motors.

What we don’t: There’s nothing we don’t like about this quad. It seems to excel in all areas.

Delivery: Free UK delivery available.

Now, I was going to name the GYMAX Kids Electric Quad Bike sold on Amazon as the best off-roader. But, it only has a 12V battery and the power only drives two of the four wheels.

The RiiRoo 24V Ride-on Quad ATV on the other hand is a 24V ATV and has power going to all four wheels. Not only that, but it’s also £10 cheaper. So, a no-brainer decision for me really.

It has a similar media player and USB input as the Gymax but has a whopping 76 reviews, while the Gymas has only 12. It’s pretty hard to make an informed decision with so few reviews.

What I love about the RiiRoo website is it displays actual reviews, pictures, and images from REAL customers. This makes buying one of these a much easier decision since it feels more authentic and trusted.

This particular quad has been sold by RiiRoo for approximately four years, so more than enough time to work through any issues with motherboards and motors etc.

Since it is a 24V and has motors on all four wheels, this makes the RiiRoo 24V Ride-on Quad ATV the perfect off-roader for your kids. So, they’re not just restricted in just doing circles in the back garden 🙂

See RiiRoo 24V Ride-on Quad ATV

Fastest Kid’s Quad/ATV

4. Onequad PX3S – 110cc, 4 Stroke Petrol

Image source: RiiRoo

Category: Fastest Quad/ATV.

Voltage: N/A.

Engine type: 110cc

Seats: One seat.

Ages: Up to 15+year-olds (on the website). I say with parental supervision, kids as young as 6 or 7 years of age upwards can ride this quad.

What we like: Super fast and at a competitive price.

What we don’t: The battery needs to be charged after you receive delivery. You can’t just assemble and go. Not a massive problem unless you’re super impatient.

Delivery: Free UK delivery is available.

When you do a search for the “fastest quad bike” on Google, you get results for an electric quad. Now, technically, this is correct if we’re talking about the torque of the quad. But, there’s no comparison when we’re talking about top speed.

If you want more top speed, then you’ll have to purchase a petrol quad bike.

The one I have chosen is the Onequad PX3S – 4 Stroke Petrol. This is a 110cc quad that has a top speed of around 55mph. It’s also one of the most popular quads in this power range for kids.

Now, I have to mention that this particular quad is for ages 15+. But, I think with parental supervision, kids as young as 6 or 7 years of age upwards can ride this quad. Just be sure they’re kitted out with the relevant safety gear (especially a helmet).

I understand why it is listed on the website for the 15+ age group. They have to cover things from a legal standpoint. But, I would say that you know your kids better than anyone. You’ll know whether you can trust them enough to ride this particular quad.

I would also recommend taking this quad to an off-road track rather than using it on the road. This is for safety reasons and also because you don’t want to annoy your neighbours with the noise.

If you’re looking for a fast petrol quad, then this is the one I would recommend.

This quad packs a 110cc air-cooled engine with front drum brakes, rear disk brakes and front and rear shocks for better control and comfort.

See Onequad PX3S – 4 Stroke Petrol

Best 50cc Kid’s Quad/ATV

5. OneATV PX1S 50cc – 2-stroke

Image source: RiiRoo

Category: Best 50cc Quad/ATV.

Voltage: N/A.

Engine type: 50cc

Seats: One seat.

Ages: Up to 15+year-olds (on the website). I say with parental supervision, kids as young as 6 or 7 years of age upwards can ride this quad.

What we like: Great for off-roading and a powerful 24V battery provides more power to the electric motors.

What we don’t:

Delivery: Free UK delivery available.

Now, before I get into this review. There are several 50cc kid’s quad bikes on the market. In fact, If I’m being honest, most of them come from the same factory.

The reason why I’ve chosen the ONEATV PX1S is that it’s the cheapest kid’s 50CC quad as well as the best. You can buy the exact same quad from Outdoor Toys and Funbikes, but at the time of writing, they were more expensive for practically the same quad bike. Other than that, they are the same with just different branding.

The specs of the PX1S aren’t that different from the Onequad PX3S. It has a 50cc air-cooled engine, chain drive, but has both front and rear disk brakes whereas the PX3S has front drum brakes and rear disk brakes. Not a huge difference, but likely makes the braking system more responsive on this quad.

The great thing is, this is perfect if you want your kid to transition from an electric quad like the RiiRoo 24V Ride-on Quad ATV.

All in all, this is the best 50CC kid’s quad on the market. It’s great for off-roading and also priced competitively compared to other more powerful quads.

On the downside, this it has a petrol engine which isn’t that eco-friendly. But, that’s the price you pay for power.

What I will say is, there are several electric quads coming onto the market that are just as quick. However, with the price of batteries still a little high, it’s still cheaper buying a 50cc petrol engine quad.

See OneATV PX1S 50cc

Best 2 Seater Kids Quad/ATV

6. VenomSV ATV Quad

Image source: RiiRoo

Category: Best 2-seater Quad/ATV.

Voltage: 12V.

Seats: Two seats.

Ages: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9-year-olds.

What we like: Very easy to assemble with most parts already assembled on delivery. One kid can sit at the front and one at the back, so double the enjoyment.

What we don’t: Quite a high price point for a 12V. Bear in mind you can buy a RiiRoo 24V Ride-on Quad ATV for a few quid more.

Delivery: Free UK delivery is available.

It’s extremely rare to find a kid’s 2-seater ride Quad/Atv. In fact, I only know of one. The VenomSV ATV Quad.

The great thing about this quad is that it’s electric so no petrol or noise pollution. It’s also very cheap for a 2-seater ride-on toy coming in at under £230 (at the time of writing).

So what makes this so good?

It’s actually a lot larger than it looks from the image. Also, it has an all-wheel suspension and 2 x 45W motors which makes the overall handling and comfort a lot better.

Compared to the other electric quads on the market, I’ve got to say that the build quality of the VenomSV is really good. Especially, considering the price.

The only downside is that it’s electric so won’t be as fast as a petrol engine quad. But, if you’re looking for a 2-seater that can go off-road, then this is the one I would recommend.

This bad boy has over 34 reviews (most of them good) with both pics and videos of customers enjoying the product, which is always a good sign.

As I said, there are not many kid’s 2-seater Quad/ATVs on the market, so hard to compare with anything else for sale at the moment.

See VenomSV ATV Quad

Worst Kids Quad/ATV (AVOID)

7. TOYYPAY Kids Electric Ride on Car Toy Quad Bike 6V

Image source: Amazon

Category: Worst Quad/ATV.

Voltage: 6V.

Seats: One seat.

Ages: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8-year-olds.

What we like: There really isn’t anything we like about this quad.

What we don’t: This Quad/ATV has an ugly-looking design. The price is also too much for a 6V toy. There are much better value-for-money quads on the market.

Delivery: Free UK delivery is available.

Where do I start with this monstrosity?

I literally think this has been made and priced to take advantage of unsuspecting parents or grandparents that don’t know much about kids electric quad bikes.

The TOYYPAY Kids Electric Ride on Car Toy Quad Bike 6V looks horrible, is priced too high and has a 1-star review on Amazon. So, we’re not exactly off to the best start.

I’ve also never heard of this retailer “TOYYPAY” before, nor can I see a company website should I wish to contact them for spare parts, etc.

The age range says up to 8 years of age, but there’s no way an 8-year-old would be able to ride this. It just looks too small and unstable.

Priced at over £400. You’re much better of with a VenomSV ATV Quad which at least has 2 seats and is a 12V with great reviews.

Don’t waste your time buying this. It’s overpriced, has an ugly design and is from an unknown retailer.

Too many red flags for me.

See TOYYPAY Kids Electric Ride on Car Toy Quad Bike 6V

Ride on Quad/ATV Buying Guide

The different voltages

If you’re looking to purchase an electric Quad/ATV then you need to understand how many voltages are available.

You generally have the choice of 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V kids ride on quads.

6V Quad/ATVs

These are quad bikes for toddlers and beginners. They won’t go very fast (around 3mph) and are extremely safe.

They’re usually the cheapest quads on the market and are perfect for kids aged 2-5 years old.

12V Quad/ATVs

The next step up is a 12V electric quad bike. These are slightly faster (around 5mph) but are still very safe.

They’re perfect for kids aged 3-6 years old and are slightly more expensive than a 6V quad.

12V Quads can either be starter quads (designed for younger kids) or performance quads (for slightly older/bigger kids).

24V Quad/ATVs

Now we’re getting into the mid-range electric quads. These quads either have 2 x 12V batteries which gives them more power and speed or a straight 24V battery.

They can reach speeds of around 8-10mph which is fast enough for most kids. They’re perfect for ages 6-10.

36V and 48V Quad/ATVs

These are the fastest electric quads on the market with speeds of up to 12mph. They’re designed for older/bigger kids that are looking for a bit more thrill.

These quads tend to look a lot like their petrol counterparts and have similar features such as disk brakes, suspension and headlights.

Petrol quads

Petrol quads are definitely designed for older/more experienced kids. They’re a lot faster (up to 30mph) and have more power.

They’re not for beginners and we would only recommend them for kids that are at least 10 years old and have experience riding electric quads.

We mentioned this earlier, but if you feel confident enough to let your child under 10 years of age ride a petrol quad, then please make sure they’re supervised at all times and have the appropriate safety equipment like helmets and goggles.

Petrol quads are also a lot more expensive than their electric counterparts.

Before you buy a petrol quad, please understand that there is a lot more maintenance involved such as changing the oil, spark plugs, etc.

Buy from a reputable retailer

As you can imagine, there are several places where you can buy kid’s quads/ATVs. However, we would always recommend that you buy from a reputable retailer. Don’t take our word for it. Simply do a Google search for the company name and see what results are shown.

Ideally, they will have their own website and also have reviews on Trustpilot, Google, etc.

If you can’t find any results for the company name then we would recommend avoiding them as there’s a good chance they’re not a reputable retailer.

Most online retailers have a limited company, so you could look on companies house to see if they’re a legitimate company.

Check reviews before you buy

When buying an electric quad/ATV, it’s important to check the reviews before you make your purchase. There are some companies out there that are selling sub-standard quads/ATVs and it’s important to avoid them.

A good way to check the reviews is to do a Google search for the company name + reviews. This should show you any reviews that have been left for the company. Trustpilot is also a great website to check for reviews.

What else to look for when buying a kids quad/ATV

When you’re looking to buy a kid’s ride on Quad or ATV, there are several factors that you need to take into account.

Here are some of the main ones:

Age – As we’ve mentioned, it’s important to buy a quad/ATV that’s appropriate for your child’s age.

If they’re too young, then they won’t be able to ride it properly and if they’re too old, then they’ll get bored of it within days.

Weight – You need to make sure that the quad/ATV can support your child’s weight. Most quads/ATVs have a weight limit.

Size – It’s important to make sure that the quad/ATV is the right size for your child. If it’s too big, then they won’t be able to ride it properly and if it’s too small, then they’ll outgrow it very quickly.

Speed – You need to make sure that the quad/ATV has a top speed that’s appropriate for your child. If it’s too fast, then they could end up hurting themselves.

Range – If you’re buying an electric quad/ATV, then you need to make sure that it has a good range.

Most quads/ATVs can only ride for around 30-60 minutes on a full charge before they need to be recharged.

Features – When you’re looking at quads/ATVs, you’ll notice that some have more features than others.

It’s important to decide which features are important to you and your child. For example, some quads/ATVs have music players, while others have storage compartments.

Price – Of course, you also need to take price into account. Quads/ATVs can range in price from around £40 all the way up to £2000.

It’s important to find one that’s within your budget, and also compare the features to see if it’s good value for money.

Ride-on Quad/ATV Comparison Table


Can kids quad bikes go on the road?

No, kid’s quads are not designed to go on the road because they don’t meet road safety standards. They also can’t be on any vehicle if they are under 16. The only place they can ride them is on private farmland with the owner’s permission and designated quad/bike tracks.

How old do you have to be to ride a quad bike on the road?

You need to be over 16 years old to ride a quad on the road in the UK. The UK law also restricts the use of motorised scooters, electric scooters, buzz boards, and small motorcycles.

Are quads from Smyths the best?

Smyths have a small range of kid’s quads and they are normally 6V or 12V at the bottom of the price bracket. They are not the best, but they are competitively priced.

Does Argos sell quads?

Yes, Argos sell quads for kids. They have a small range of electric quads/ATVs that are suitable for ages 3 and up.

How long do batteries last on electric quads?

It depends on the battery, but most electric quads/ATVs have batteries that last for around 30-60 minutes on a full charge.

Does Halfords sell quads?

No, Halfords does not sell quads. They do sell electric scooters and skateboards, but not quads.